Some kind words from past clients.  Please note that I am no longer seeing private clients due to work commitments. 

I met Niamh shortly after having my third little girl.  After having two successful breastfeeding journeys the third wasn’t so smooth.  Niamh helped and supported me so much during those first few weeks and I am so thankful to her for that support.  She has a knowledge and passion for breastfeeding and it comes across in her approach to me while helping me.  She showed great empathy and understanding and because of that support we have established a great breastfeeding relationship.

Marian Enright


Having Niamh’s support within days of beginning my breastfeeding journey was such a blessing. Niamh strikes a beautiful balance between being professional and proactive yet warm and empathetic. She listens with compassion and then responds in a really practical and personalised way which I found so supportive. Thank you Niamh for the work that you do.


Stephanie Sheahan

Mother and Entrepeneur

I was lucky enough to first encounter Niamh as my public health nurse and immediately felt at ease.  Niamh has a wonderful way about her – so calming; and she thinks and advises in such a practical way to help find what suits you and your baby.  When I ran into a spot of bother and my baby was only 3 weeks old; she went above and beyond for me to ensure that I could continue to breastfeed.  I subsequently joined a support group set up by Niamh and it was, and still is such an asset to me and my child – it has provided us with tips and tricks you just can’t Google!!  Niamhs passion for breastfeeding I found inspired us all and I would highly recommend meeting with her to explore your breastfeeding options pre baby in preparation or post baby to help you get set up or deal with any issues that arise.  I think it’s an investment in you and your baby worth making!

Gobnait Murphy


Niamh is a lovely lovely person. She is kind, caring and empathetic. No problem is too big or small. She is so competent, so passionate and so knowledgeable about all things breastfeeding. Niamh is always looking for new innovative treatments for problems relating to breastfeeding and general parenting! She motivates and supports you throughout the breastfeeding journey. At the breastfeeding classes we were always met with a welcoming smile. She has changed how people see breastfeeding and I would highly recommend her. 

Elaine O'Keeffe

Mum of 3

I first contacted Niamh when my baby girl was just over a week old – we had had issues feeding from the start with problems latching and a lot of pain during feeds.
It was a passion of mine to be able to breastfeed my daughter and it was so encouraging to meet Niamh and see that she shared the same passion. She worked with me and my new family until our breastfeeding dream became a reality. Niamh was so committed to us and provided invaluable support and advice throughout our time with her. She is a real gem and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.
Holly DeBurgh


Niamh has been instrumental in my breastfeeding journeys, she quickly recognised that my 2nd son had a posterior tongue tie and gave me great advice and encouragement to help overcome the issue. 

She also set up our local breastfeeding group, which provided great peer support, especially on the tough days…

With baby no.3 she also gave great advice and support, as he had a posterior tongue tie…as I met her earlier on this journey, a plan was put in place in order to avoid teh pit falls I had previously encountered…she used a scoring tool to identify that his tongue release was necessary, which helped me in my decision making, I felt confident from this scoring method that I was making the correct/informed decision…she has been so quick to reply to my queries and she has been such a positive influence on my breastfeeding journeys and I would recommend her highly.

She is so passionate about her work and it shows in her approach to babies and mothers.

Lillian Walsh

Mum and Paediatric Nurse

Thanks so much Niamh! The group was great this morning, lovely relaxed atmosphere and so helpful and your page is great, thanks again!

Raechel Joy

The start of my breastfeeding journey with my little girl was less than ideal. Born at 30weeks I was left questioning would it be even possible to breastfeed let alone exclusively breastfeed her. It was at this early stage that I met Niamh. Niamh became a vital source of confidence, knowledge and compassion for me from the beginning. She guided me through every obstacle along the way and now 1year on still exclusively breastfeeding I will be forever grateful for her input. Niamh is highly knowledgeable, with the ability to put the most anxious parent at ease and her passion for breastfeeding is contagious. I will be forever grateful to her.

Aisling McQuaid

Mum and Pharmacist