Breastfeeding and Spicy Foods

breastfeeding and spicy foods

You can absolutely eat spicy foods while breastfeeding. In fact, there are many cultures around the world where spicy foods are a ‘normal’ part of their diet, and there is no evidence that these babies are any fussier or gassier than babies of mothers who don’t eat spicy foods. These babies can be fussy and gassy too!! The joys!!

If however, you find that your baby is fussy and gassy after feeding (more so than normal), it would be wise to keep a food diary to see if there is any connection to a food you are eating. If you feel there might be, simply eliminate that food for a few days and watch for an improvement. For further information on food allergies, check out the IFAN (Irish Food Allergy Network) website, or speak to you GP or PHN. For information of Reflux, and what to watch for, check out my blog post here.